Open for Move-ins!

As we  all continue to navigate the changing rules and restrictions around Covid-19, we are happy to let you know that Mason Wright Senior Living is open for move-ins!  We are a 100% Low-income Housing Tax Credit Property and provide quality affordable housing in a luxury Assisted Living setting!  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Mason Wright and whether or not it’s the right fit for you or a loved one, please email or call Admissions Assistant Kathy Cuevas at 413-733-1517.  Reminder:  one must be at least 62 years old to live in our wonderful senior community! Wishing you health, happiness and joy and we hope to see you soon!

Still COVID-19 Free!

Happy Autumn!  It is a pleasure to write to you and tell you that we have been COVID-19 FREE for four and half months!  It is our goal to remain so and we thank all of you for continuing to wear masks, hand wash and hand sanitize several times a day and practice appropriate social distancing when you’re here at Mason Wright and anywhere else you may go. At the same time, I am discouraged by the news we received at the end of last week.  On September 30th, Massachusetts updated its community-level data map and sadly, the public health data indicates that Springfield has been listed as a high-risk community.   As a result, businesses in the City will not be permitted to move to Step 2 of Phase III (VIGILANT) on October 5 until the public health data indicates a lower risk factor and the City remains in a lower-risk category for at least three weeks’ worth of data. We had hoped to initiate indoor visits, but until Springfield’s status as a high-risk community is downgraded, we will, weather permitting, stick to outdoor visits at this time. Folks who would like to sign up for an outdoor visit, please

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Mid-Summer update!

The last time I wrote, Mason Wright, along with the rest of the country, was still in the throes of the coronavirus.  I am happy to say that Mason Wright has not had a new COVID-19 diagnosis since May 14th and is currently COVID-free!  As you know from what is happening all around us, that status can change in an instant, which is why we are doing all we can to follow the recommended protocols. state regulations and policies, to keep our community safe. We understand that these protocols can be challenging for residents and families because they do limit the types and frequency of visits, however, our residents’ safety, health and well-being is our primary concern.  We continue to have pre-scheduled outdoor visits only, and will let you know when we open up for indoor visits, as well.  At this time, we do not have a start date in mind, so check back or give a call for updated information.  Our residents are getting picked up by loved ones for off-site visits and we encourage everyone to wear masks, social distance and report any potential symptoms after a visit, (this includes the family members or friends) so we can

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Outdoor Visits!

As we move through these unprecedented times as a community, we know how difficult it has been for you to be separated from your loved ones.  I, too, have a loved one, who is in a skilled nursing facility and have not been able to touch, hug or kiss her in over 3 months.  So, I am not just the Executive Director of Mason Wright Senior Living; I am a daughter with a mom who has Alzheimer’s, and requires the 24/7 medical level of care that I cannot provide for her in my home or in an Assisted Living setting.  In other words, I not only sympathize will all who cannot see and hold their loved ones; I empathize. Mason Wright is VERY pleased to share that we have not had a new Covid positive staff member or resident in 28 days!  We are also please to let you know that Mason Wright is offering outdoor visits for family members and friends.  There are still social distancing requirements, masks MUST be worn and, sadly, no hugging or kissing is allowed just yet, but we can see one another in the sunshine, under a shade tree, across the patio table.  We

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Keeping Cool and Being Creative

On March 12th, I posted about Covid-19 and how Mason Wright Senior Living is following all of the prevention protocols to keep our staff and residents healthy and safe.  We also continue to reinforce education on the importance of social distancing,  the proper coughing and sneezing “etiquette” and the importance of frequent hand sanitizing and hand washing.  Mason Wright participates in daily and weekly conference calls and webinars with LeadingAge and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs to make sure that we are up-to-date on the latest information and instructions for our community and the community at large.  I also receive a daily update from the Covid-19 Response Command Center, a current office of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. On March 15th, we received notice from the state to stop communal dining and severely limit–cease, if possible–all group activities.   Sounds like great fun, doesn’t it? 🙂 One would think, given that communal dining and Life Enrichment programs and activities are the very fabric of our Assisted Living community that, with these changes, a great pall would have fallen over Mason Wright.  Nope!  With the restriction on communal dining, our staff delivers 3 meals a day, directly to the resident’s apartment. 

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Covid-19 Prevention and Protocol

We cannot turn on the television, radio or computer without hearing about Covid-19, more commonly known as the “Corona Virus.” Mason Wright Senior Living is on top of the latest news, prevention protocols and reporting processes and will continue to stay current and do what needs to be done for the safety and well-being of our residents, staff, the entire Mason Wright community and the greater Springfield community.  As the news continues to evolve, Mason Wright continues to adjust its response accordingly. In the past week, we have installed additional, automatic hand sanitizers to those already existing in our common areas and have posted signs on the proper use of hand sanitizer.  Everyone who enters Mason Wright Senior Living is required to use the hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the building.   We have also posted signs in all common area bathrooms reminding everyone to wash their hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds. If something can be disinfected, we are disinfecting it, several times a day!  We’ve met with residents to answer questions and educate on how to best prevent acquiring the virus. Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) categorized Covid-19 as a global pandemic, which

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Mason Wright on MassLive!

Last week I shared an interview with CEO Alan Popp from December 2017, regarding the very exciting renovations we had planned. That was the ‘before.’ Here is the ‘after.’ Make sure to check out all of the pictures of our Rialto Sunroom, Route 66 Diner and more!

What’s Happening!

Back in December 2017. we started on a major renovation of Mason Wright Senior Living. Here’s a video of Alan Popp, CEO of the Mason Wright Foundation, sharing part of the vision for this very unique renovation. http://3EMFLdoicF4 Although it took a bit longer than the June 2018 anticipated completion date, our renovations are complete! The Rialto Sunroom is the center of activities including daily exercise groups, birthday bashes, entertainment and, most recently, a staff talent show! Stay tuned for pictures and videos. In the meantime, please check out (and LIKE) our Facebook page and give us a call to schedule a visit and tour.

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter What makes a happy life? Certainly feeling “well” it is the core of it, but just what exactly does “wellness” mean and who is responsible for how well we feel (or don’t. as the case may be)? The concept of wellness is no longer seen as the management of disease and is more about prevention and proactive strategies. “Active aging” means individuals can live as fully as possible within the seven dimensions of wellness. Click read more to look at the seven dimensions of Wellness and how Mason Wright give you opportunities to partner with staff and engage in each of them.

Winter 2018

Winter 2018  The Quarterly Newsletter of Mason Wright Senior Living Community    Getting to Know You My career at Mason Wright Senior Living began on October 31, 2017  (Halloween) and you can see in this photo what I wore to work on my first day!  I wasn’t sure showing up as a “devil woman” was the best way to make a first impression, but it’s the only costume I had in my closet. I hit the ground running as the new Executive Director and have been running ever since, building our current Management Team, anchored by the phenomenal Ruby Pesima, Resident Care Director, who has been with Mason Wright for 10 years!  In the past 16 months, we’ve been blessed to add Life Enrichment Director, Deb Peavey, Director of Admissions & Marketing, Nicole Burns, Maintenance Director, Bill Davis, and Chef Manager, Tommy Sacco. Debbie Bertrand, our Business Office Manager, whom you all know, started a few months before I did and is an invaluable resource to me and the team. On October 31, 2018, I celebrated my one year anniversary, again in costume—this time, as a peace-loving ‘hippie chick.’  Lo and behold, when I got to work, two representatives from the Executive Office of Elder

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