Keeping Cool and Being Creative

On March 12th, I posted about Covid-19 and how Mason Wright Senior Living is following all of the prevention protocols to keep our staff and residents healthy and safe.  We also continue to reinforce education on the importance of social distancing,  the proper coughing and sneezing “etiquette” and the importance of frequent hand sanitizing and hand washing.  Mason Wright participates in daily and weekly conference calls and webinars with LeadingAge and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs to make sure that we are up-to-date on the latest information and instructions for our community and the community at large.  I also receive a daily update from the Covid-19 Response Command Center, a current office of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. On March 15th, we received notice from the state to stop communal dining and severely limit–cease, if possible–all group activities.   Sounds like great fun, doesn’t it? 🙂

One would think, given that communal dining and Life Enrichment programs and activities are the very fabric of our Assisted Living community that, with these changes, a great pall would have fallen over Mason Wright.  Nope!  With the restriction on communal dining, our staff delivers 3 meals a day, directly to the resident’s apartment.  That is nearly 300 meals a day and guess what!  The residents are loving their FREE ROOM SERVICE! Not only does it make them feel pampered, it creates 3 times the opportunity for staff to have on one one interaction and check in on the health and well being of our residents.  We are also getting to know each resident a little better, through the brief, yet funny and informative conversations that take place each time we are at their doors.

Many of our residents take advantage of our weekly shopping trips and outings to pick up their favorite items at Walmart, Big Y, Aldi’s Dollar General…we change it up week to week so everybody can hit their favorite stores.  Of course, all outings have been put on hold for now.  No shopping trips?  No problem!  Our Mason Wright Marketplace debuted this past Monday and it was a huge hit!  Our Life Enrichment team went shopping on their own and purchased items from deli meats, to juice, milk, fruits, cheese, bread, laundry detergent and more, keeping in mind the items they know our residents often purchase when they go shopping.  On Monday, instead of bundling up, going out into the chilly air, dealing with lines at the grocery store and worrying about how to maintain social distance, each resident who wanted to, had a 15 minute appointment at the Mason Wright Marketplace, set up in our Court Square Community Room, to peruse and purchase their favorite items.  Check out the post on our Facebook page! 

I’m guessing you’ve heard the phrase “it’s not what happens to you, but how you respond that determines quality of life.”  While doing everything possible to keep the coronovirus from making an appearance at Mason Wright, we choose to respond with laughter, love and creativity.  Life is to be cherished and embraced, each and every day!