Outdoor Visits!

As we move through these unprecedented times as a community, we know how difficult it has been for you to be separated from your loved ones.  I, too, have a loved one, who is in a skilled nursing facility and have not been able to touch, hug or kiss her in over 3 months.  So, I am not just the Executive Director of Mason Wright Senior Living; I am a daughter with a mom who has Alzheimer’s, and requires the 24/7 medical level of care that I cannot provide for her in my home or in an Assisted Living setting.  In other words, I not only sympathize will all who cannot see and hold their loved ones; I empathize.

Mason Wright is VERY pleased to share that we have not had a new Covid positive staff member or resident in 28 days!  We are also please to let you know that Mason Wright is offering outdoor visits for family members and friends.  There are still social distancing requirements, masks MUST be worn and, sadly, no hugging or kissing is allowed just yet, but we can see one another in the sunshine, under a shade tree, across the patio table.  We can “make eyes” at each other above our face coverings and masks.  And we can LISTEN to each others voices in real time–not through the phone or a video chat, even though we are so grateful that we have that technology.  It continues to help a lot during this challenging time and we encourage you all to reach out via phone, ZOOM, FaceTime, WhatsAPP, Google Duo and all of the other amazing apps out there!

Currently, outdoor visits are limited to 1 visit per week, per resident visited and  2 visitors at time.  The visits are scheduled for 30 minutes and you can sign up utilizing the following link:


Necessity is the mother of invention and thanks to our entire Mason Wright family-staff, families, residents, for your kindness, dedication patience, strength and commitment to caring for each other and for all of us!  Questions?  Please call 413-733-1517.